Turin, the capital of Piedmont, is 115 km away. After Milan, it is the largest city in Northern Italy. The home city of Fiat, Juventus, Lavazza is also close by. The 167 meter high Mole Antonelliana dominates the skyline. Four rivers flow through the city, including the Po which provides a great opportunity to hike along this famous river. The city is surrounded by the Alps on the north and west sides. It is a beautiful old town with large squares and statues.

Acqui Terme

The Roman town of Acqui Terme, which includes a number of spas, is 8 km away. In ancient times, Acqui was also one of the most important thermal resorts of the Roman Empire. The main water source is “La Bollente” whose water has a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius. The unmistakeable sulfur air greets you as you walk down the main street. The cathedral “Cattedrale di Santa maria Asunta” dates from 989 and the remains of the Roman aqueduct from the 2nd century are a prominent feature in this area. ┬áIt is an interesting and hospitable place with many restaurants and shops including a market on Tuesdays and Fridays.


65 km away is the former Celtic town of Alba, surrounded by vineyards and on the right bank of the Tanaro River. Alba is known for its white truffles and local products with hazelnuts. Ferrero’s headquarters, known for Nutella, Mon Cheri and Ferrero Rocher, is located in the city. The center is dominated by five 14th century towers.


Barolo (78 km) is located in the middle of the wine region of Piemonte. Known for the best red wine in Italy “Barolo”. It is very touristy but well worth a visit. The village with castle “Castello Falletti di Barolo” is small but beautiful to see against the hills full of vines. And of course, the opportunity for a wine tasting at one of the many winemakers should not be missed.